INCLUSIVE and Diverse photographer in Sussex.

You pay for the shoot and the digital prints as part of the package price.

I take as many photos as needed to ensure I get the best photos for you during your shoot.

Then I shortlist them, let you know how many there are out of courtesy, and I then choose your final images as this keeps the cost of the shoot to an affordable rate. Once number of images has been established, final payment is to be made within 24 hours of request.

I then request your WhatsApp contact number to send images through with my logo on for your perusal and approval. These may be saved and used on your personal social media pages, linked to my website address.

You will then have options: A free downloadable link ( I like to use wetransfer due to safety) or you can purchase a keepsake USB stick for an extra £15. I do not accept outside USB sticks to ensure no viruses get passed on to my computer. If you do not download via the link within 7 days of receipt, then an additional £10 is charged to reset the link again.

Edited photos are kept safely on my PC for 12 months, at which time will then be removed permanently. Please ensure in this time that you have downloaded and saved your images safely. Any images which have not been edited will be permanently deleted after the final images have been approved and sent out.

A £25 non refundable deposit will be taken. 24 hours notice MUST be given to postpone any photoshoots, you will not be able to have the deposit back if cancelled or after this time. The deposit will then be deducted from the total at the end.

If you are modelling for me TFP then you get 5 free watermark free digital images. If I am photographing 4rd party then you get only 1 watermark free, but the rest are available for purchase.

DISCLAIMER – You are only purchasing edited digital images not prints
All images submitted to you are under the copyright law (contact me to purchase the copyright for additional £250
There will never be any occasion that I will send to you raw unedited files for any reason
Edited photos will only be kept for 1 year only
Permission for usage on social and printed media is your decision and no photos will be used without consent verbally or in correspondence.
Prices are subject to change
Attending your photoshoot and final payment paid, is taken that you agree to all the above terms and conditions

Email addresses and telephone numbers will be deleted once the process is complete, therefore for further photoshoots and bookings, you will be required to give these again.