My Vision

Photography is a mirror with a memory, its a moment in time which can be held still and last forever.

You can snap every day documentaries with your phone, but with a professional photographer, I can capture that split second in time and enhance its beauty, add contrast, and make it extra special.

I know about shadows, lighting, colours, positions, natural poses and so much more to give you the best and create whats in your imagination.

Not using many props means everything I capture is natural beauty and not fabricated or photoshop made. Of course I use editing programmes, but it is only to enhance beauty, not to remake it digitally.

Photographers have passion, we all speak the same language via imagery, its memories that we dont have to speak, we can just see and feel it in our hearts.

We, as photographers are only witness to your moments at the split second, but we are the ones who can make it the best that it can be.

Photos I give you, will always be photos that I love myself, so be rest assured, what you get will always be from my full potential.