Kids Mentoring Programmes


Programme 1 – £99

‘Shoot from the heart’ overview

This programme will teach you how to shoot from the heart.

It is not all about the technical side of your camera, it’s about the finished product, your product, your visions, your interpretations.

It will cover 3 different aspects of photography in 3 lessons which will give you a great fundamental base to build upon.

At the end, you will get a certificate of completion to show that you have worked with me to complete the areas of ‘Shoot from the Heart’ Programme 1.

Under 18s MUST have a parent/guardian accompanying them on the practical and editing sessions.

Course details

Week 1Shooting from the heart – Practical stills at the beach  

Homework – To take an image which includes something that makes you happy, up close, detailed and from your heart.
Submit up to 10 images via Whatsapp
Week 2Shooting moving objects – Practical at Brooklands Lake  

Homework – Sit in the garden (or anywhere you want) and take pictures of a moving object, squirrel, seagull, fox, your pet…anything. The subject MUST be in focus.
Submit up to 10 images via Whatsapp
Week 3Shooting people – Practical at Tarring Park  

Editing – Arrange a 121 with me  

Homework – Find a friend of family member and practice taking photos of them NOT smiling and focus on the eyes being sharp and in focus.
Submit up to 10 images via Whatsapp

Final Assessment

Capture 3 images of your favourite area of photography you have learnt with me, edit them if you can, and I will assess and provide feedback and issue you a certificate of participation once complete.

Please contact me via for more information